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An order management system is a software application that automates the entire process of managing orders. It allows you to manage your inventory, sales, and customer information in one place, so you can easily access all this data from anywhere at any time.
Order management is the process of capturing, tracking and fulfiling customer orders. It starts when an order is placed and ends when the customer receives their package.

A fully integrated order management system enables consistent and seamless execution across all customer, inventory, financial, and supply chain touchpoints, resulting in customer satisfaction, repeat business and long-term loyalty.

Why Order Management Software ?

Order Management processes enable you to save time, cut costs while increasing quality and customer service.


Benefits of Order Management



Reduced data entry

Tighter inventory management


Features of Order Management

Inventory control

Sales automation

Payment collection

Shipping and receiving

Automated sales processes


Function of Order Management

Order tracking

Order fulfillment

Inventory management

Return distribution

Invoice creation

Importance of ERP Software

These features of the ERP system will help you to perform numerous things required to your company.


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