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An Overview

A logo is simply not just any random design. It speaks for your brand, company, product, services, employees & customers. To put it simply, it is the face of your business. It offers you an opportunity to communicate without communicating.

At k star technology, we don't make just a logo. We make the identity of your company which embodies your brand and makes you stand apart & unique in the crowd. We design the logo keeping your brand story in view. At star technologies, we have certified, and qualified logo designers are having experience of more than two years. Who are very result oriented, dynamic, methodological & disciplined. They are creative thinker & enjoys art.

What makes us unique when it comes to logo designing:
Discover / Explore / Design / Refine / Define
How will you know that your Logo is Simply Awesome? It's easy, just three words - simple | memorable | Evocative

So if you also need a logo that is not just a logo Then you know we are here for you So get in touch

Development Skills

1. Technological Skill

As an aspiring logo designer, you must have hands-on training in the advanced tools like Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Freehand, and others so that you can easily turn your thoughts into a smart piece of art!

Here’s a list of a few digital design software and technology to start with: Adobe Acrobat, AI Logo Maker, Creative Suite, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, CSS, and HTML, Quark and QuarkXpress.

2. Sense of Colour

Designers must possess proper knowledge of the colour palette. A thorough understanding of colour theory will help aspiring designers to create a harmonious effect by combining multiple colours.

Colour is not only a visual element but also delivers a message and establishes brand identity. Implementing the right colours bears a crucial significance in influencing human psychology.

3. Knowledge of Typefaces

The use of the font is a crucial part of a logo. The typefaces must be readable and in sync with your brand image. you need to choose fonts that best suit the colour and design of your logo.

As you can understand, knowing how to select, create, or pair appreciable typefaces with backgrounds and visuals is of paramount importance in the career of a successful logo designer. Improved knowledge of tracking, line-height, kerning, modifying layouts and designs, and balancing figures and white spaces among other skills are expected from a logo designer.

4. Creative Thinking

We started this article with the assumption that an aspiring logo designer must have an artistic bent of mind. This, along with creative thinking is a fundamental skill required to become a successful designer.

To communicate the personality and identity of various brands through unique symbols, the designers should have a creative spirit. With an eye for the aesthetics and minute attention to details, they need to design an expressive and engaging logo.

5. Communication Skill

As a logo designer, you’ll have to communicate the brand message through visuals and text. That’s why superior interpersonal and communication skills are required to achieve success.

To begin with, you need to understand the brand identity perfectly. And for that, you need to exchange various concepts with the clients. This requires articulation skills and writing skills to understand the project briefs and the way to submit proposals.


We have already discussed the importance of colour and typefaces in a design. Well, these are only two elements. But producing a great design demands having a greater skill of illustration. The design needs to incorporate all the individual elements and communicate the right message to the audience.

The role of a brilliant logo doesn’t stop at catching people’s attention but continues to keep them engaged. A logo should remain memorable for a long time. This is the power of visual storytelling that lies at the deepest root of design. This story must be integrated with the brand image.

7. Precision

Since there’s not much space in a logo to implement numerous logo design elements, tweaking the minute details of any element like colour, typeface, image, or spacing can make or break a logo

That’s why the level of precision and accuracy of a logo designer may shape or ruin the identity of a brand. And the more you practise; the more you can hone these skills.


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